Skylink Trading PLC


Our purpose in providing asynchronous, online tutoring, called “e-tutoring,” is to offer more options to support Ethiopian even African students, especially for those who commute or live far from city's and towns, and to help those whom can't hire a personal tutor.


Digital learning, like our e- tutoring platform can improve the performance of individuals, businesses, and society by promoting vital, future-ready skills, such as communication, collaboration, technology, and education. 

Making online learning accessible for everyone from preschool students to post-graduate learners is in all of our best interests. Not only is digital learning creating a smarter, more productive civilization, but also one that is well-informed about new technologies and able to stay on top of emerging trends.

eLearning continues to have a strong value proposition for multiple reasons – it has unlimited reach, is cost-effective, and addresses the needs of varied learners.

Our long term goal is to reach majority of students in Ethiopia and Africa  with different academic backgrounds and social status by updating our company with coming new technologies.